Flying in a Glider while taking Photos – Stuck in Customs

Flying in a Glider while taking Photos

A new video!

This video was made for The Arcanum — but decided to release it to the public for fun! For those of you that have signed up and are enjoying The Arcanum (or are still on the waiting list for a Master) — thanks!

This is kind of a strange video, but it talks about how to take photos from the air in high-speed conditions. I stayed in Aperture Priority and let the camera figure out the shutter speed. This worked out great everywhere except at landing where the speed delta and shake was too intense. I was using a Sony A7r with the NEX 10-18mm lens — you can see the full Sony A7r review.

I was shooting in Autobracketing not for HDR but just for some exposure variety in the shots. I was not totally sure at the time, so I figured having some exposure coverage would be smart. In post-processing, I appreciated having three different photos to choose from.