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Stuck On Earth for Android – Closed Beta – Limited to first 10,000 testers!

It’s here!

We already had a super-closed beta a few days ago. All systems go. More systems coming online with each build!

You can get this closed beta for free in the Stuck In Customs Store (free download). When it actually launches, we will of course have it in the Google Play store. I’m targeting a day or two before Google I/O next week! If you have any bugs or suggestions, please email us at [email protected] !

We recently passed One Million updates on the iPad-only version! Amazing! If you don’t already have that one, you can jump over to the website to get the iTunes store link!

What makes Stuck On Earth so much better than Google Maps with photos? FOUR things. At least!

I built this thing for ME because I could not find a tool that helps me find the best locations quickly to take photos and save them offline for photo adventures. Here is why it is better:

1) Pin Clustering! Google Maps Photos does equal weighting to all locations. When you look at Stuck On Earth, like in the photo below of Death Valley, it clusters the pins to show you the best places to go take photos. So, without even clicking the thumbnail, you know where to go!

2) Pulling from _millions_ of geo-located photos on Flickr that are algorithmically sorted by awesomeness. It ensures (well, mostly, kinda) that most of the photos that get served up to you are primo locations chosen by photographers that know that area well.

3) A very important “human” element that is missing from Google Maps. Are you pinching and zooming near San Francisco? Then you may see Thomas Hawk’s Secret Spots in San Francisco. We have human editors around the world submitting their top 50 spots in their cities. Even better, you can submit YOUR OWN top 50 list from within the app itself by making a trip! Then you don’t just have to depend on the algorithm – *you can depend on local photographers you know and trust!*

4) Offline trip saving! I know that in the middle of a good photo-outing, sometimes internet is the last thing you have! So, whenever you create a trip, it is available for you offline. We save the photos for you, the maps, the descriptions, everything!

Above, no matter the zoom level, like this spot in Death Valley, the app will algorithmically cluster pins around the most interesting spots!

Not sure what Stuck On Earth is?

Watch this video below!