New Time Lapse Tutorial – Stuck in Customs

New Time Lapse Tutorial

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The Original Time Lapse Video

Here’s the original video I released several weeks ago, in case you missed it! The how-to video is below it.

(In Germany or can’t see the YouTube video? Here is the Vimeo Version.)

Time Lapse Tutorial

Below is a video I made that shows the how-to of the video above. It’s fast paced, and I used a lot of cool tools to make it happen. Below, I’m listing out all the tools that I used in the production of the timelapse.

Time Lapse Filters:

Time Lapse Hardware:

  • SYRP from Genie – use STUCKINCUSTOMS coupon code to save $100 on the Deluxe. (This is the specialty ballhead I used in a few of the scenes)
  • An Array of Nikons – see my Camera Reviews section to see my recommended cameras… any of these will do.

Time Lapse Software: