Trey’s Variety Hour #46

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Trey’s Variety Hour #46: Android Photography

Little green robots everywhere! Nicolas Roard and Nirav Mehta from the Android dev team, Brian Matiash, Sinead Sam McKeown, Gino Barasa, and Anthony Tulliani join me in a roundtable discussion about Android photography. Keith Barrett and Dave Veffer join in on the fun too. We talk about apps, filters, techniques, and show a ton of photos. We also did a Q&A with questions from the viewers.

Here are the photo apps that were mentioned on the show:
Streamzoo, Pixlr-o-matic, PicSayPro, PicsArt, Vignette, and Little Photo.

Here are the people Sinead shared from her curated #MyMobileMonday group on Google+:
Mikko Tyllinen, Andrea Ewald, Linda Stokes, Sylvain Benacquista, Hector Hurtado, Gena Slash, Tara Holland, Christophe Freidli, John Allen Felix, Darren Harmon, Christian Vollmar, Brian Spencer, Marcus Sant’Anna, Marianne Skov Jensen, and Gazzaroonii T.

We end the show with our G+ Photographer Discoveries:
Anna Rumiantseva, Kate Hailey, Christianna Pierce, QT Luong, Brice Favre, and Nakeva Corothers.

Thanks to Keith Barrett and Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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