Exhibition: Cropped For Pinterest – Stuck in Customs

Exhibition: Cropped For Pinterest

New eBook over at Flatbooks

See A Field Guide to Capturing Vibrant Colors by Jay and Varina Patel! I’m happy to have their second eBook over there on the site! 🙂

Mini Pinterest Video

I participated (for a short while) in a little Pinterest Video Fest with Kalebra Kelby and several others… You can find out more about it over there on the right.

The Meta Crop

I think the internet is the best means for an artist to display his work, and you have to constantly adjust your art so that it can be enjoyed in the medium in which it is communicated. For the main blog here at https://stuckincustoms.com, for example, I keep all the images 900 wide because that is the best way to view them in a blog format.

But over at Pinterest, I have about a quarter-million followers (thanks!!), and I want the nice people over there to see my images as big as possible. That means there needs to be a strategic haircut. A mohawk, of sorts. 🙂

So, I went back through some of my favorite photos and gave them a strategic cropping. I’ll add more to the exhibition in the upcoming days.

See the Exhibition here: Cropped For Pinterest

Just after opening, I received the following comment on one of the photos (thanks!):

Diana *BunnyKissd* Bukowski Mr. Ratcliff I love you! So many people won’t allow their stuff to be pinned, and here you are cropping it to fit! YAY! I won’t ever understand why people think that more exposure on the internet is bad… Oh, and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful photographs with me and the world…

More About Pinterest

I’ve been outspoken in my thoughts on Pinterest. A lot of photographers disagree with me, but they are too busy sticking their fingers in the dyke like The Little Dutch Boy to bother me much more. Once it’s digital, man, it’s out there. You might as well get ahead of it and play along nicely. That’s what I say…

For more, see my article called “Why Photographers Should Stop Complaining About Copyright and Embrace Pinterest” — something you will either agree with or will make you angry! 🙂

Currently, I’ve pinned about 800 things. About 20% of the things I have pinned are my own stuff. To see some inspirational and design ideas, see this board I made.

Exhibition_ Cropped for Pinterest