The Towering Ships – Stuck in Customs

The Towering Ships

Disney Cruise Lore

So, I am not one with the “cruising culture” by any means. And, I was shocked (and somewhat entertained) to find out that such a deep subculture exists!

Since we were on the maiden voyage of the Disney Fantasy, we discovered that there were a great many people on this boat that had been on at least a dozen other Disney cruises. A dozen! And they had everything figured out — I mean everything. And they weren’t afraid to tell you. Oh no. Give them two seconds of silence, and they’ll spit out facts about the ports of call of the Disney Dream in May of 2009. They were like baseball statisticians, effortlessly spouting out Cy Young winners from 1972 and the W-L record of the Cleveland Indians from the same year.

And it was in this environment I found myself when these two great Disney ships docked together in Mexico. This was a Big Deal. I had at least five other somewhat annoying couples come up to me and offer up information about how rare this event is, and then they would recite the dates of all other ship-meetings.

To me, it was just cool to see two huge ships together over a narrow dock…

Daily Photo – The Towering Ships

So I got down to the end of the pier and aimed the 14-24 pretty high. There’s no way to get around the “leaning lines” — but that all adds to the overall effect. And, believe, me, standing down there, you feel the immense weight of them all about to topple over.

If you look up at the Disney Fantasy on the right, you can see where the waterslide juts off the edge of the ship…

HDR Photo