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New Course – Register now!

New Course – Discover the Art of Photography

Discover the Art of Photography is an online photography course made specifically for individuals interested in learning the basics of photography or have recently invested in a new camera but do not fully understand how to use it.

The live webinar is July 31 – Aug 3. Space is limited so register now!

And there’s a whole boatload of information over on the new “Art of Photography” page.

What Will You Learn about Photography?

In four lessons you will learn the fundamentals of how a camera operates, properly composing a photo, finding your artistic style and basic photo editing.

Episode 1: Getting Started
– Introduction to photography
– Learning through curiosity and discovery
– Setting up your camera
– Taking your first photo
– Editing your photo with Adobe Lightroom
Episode 2: Photo Composition
– Challenging the traditional teachings on composition
– Live example: Composing a landscape photo
– Live example: Composing a photo with people
– Editing the landscape and people photos
– Review examples of many different compositions
Episode 3: Finding Your Own Style
– Discovering your unique path to your own art
– Live examples: Photographing in a park and a candy shop
– Editing the photos from the park and candy shop
– Reviewing examples of small object composition
– More advanced techniques using Adobe Lightroom
Episode 4: Photo Editing
– Moving past the learning curve of post processing
– Sharing your photos with others online
– Playing with Adobe Photoshop
– Tips & Tricks with Adobe Photoshop
– Introduction to HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography


Special Things Happening in the Live Event!

Here’s just a few:

  • After every lesson, we’ll have a live Q&A where I will drill down deeper into areas of interest, edit photos live, and give countless tips.
  • We have a special “Bring-A-Friend” deal that saves you $50 per person AND makes you eligible to win a new camera valued at over $1,300! If you win, you and your friend will each receive your choice of a Sony NEX-7, Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D provided by our friends at Adorama!
  • And we’ll also have great prizes and giveaways thanks to SmugMug, HDRSoft, OnOne, F-Stop, Lytro and more!

To register, pop over to the “Art of Photography” page. See you soon! 🙂