Amateras in the British Virgin Islands – Stuck in Customs

Amateras in the British Virgin Islands

Great Villa!

I searched all around the internet to find a good place to stay with my family in the British Virgin Islands, and we decided on this place at Amateras. There were actually two houses all together with a big gathering house in the middle. That middle house is where we spent most of our time, mostly because the kitchen was there.

As far as photography goes, it was one of the best spots on the island! It was high on a hill, so there was plenty of good shots of both oceans. I hardly had to move for sunrise and sunset shots!

Regarding the PhotoWalk Today

We can use the Event I posted on G+ to share photos… here’s a little video about how it works… I think this is a really cool way to share photos from the event!

Daily Photo – Sitting in the Breeze

This is the other area of Amateras where we spent most of our time. We would make drinks and then relax outside and read books in the breeze. There is that warm ocean breeze that is not too cold or two hot. In the evenings, it did get a little cool, but it was still nice to sit out here and read books. I finished off two while I was here. They were both about time. One was called “The End of Time” by Julian Barbour — quite a nice book about physics. The other was called “The Fabric of Reality” which puts a different take on the whole thing…

HDR Photo