Swabbing the Decks – Stuck in Customs

Swabbing the Decks

Closing Presentation, broken down by question…

I had a nice person break down the closing Google+ event with timestamps. I know some people have particular questions or interests within here… You can see them all below the video.

[0:00:00 – 0:10:27]
Slideshow Presentation – quality on recording is CRAPPY – best quality at http://goo.gl/fo4hm.

[0:10:41 – 0:12:07]
Scott Kelby opening remarks; Trey Ratcliff introduction.

[0:12:07 – 0:17:39]
Trey introduces Hangout Panel participants.

[0:19:58 – 0:23:43]
Fast-moving technology, future of computational photography.

[0:23:43 – 0:25:38]
Post-processing images; photograph as a sketch; taking the shot is the beginning of the journey; some photographers’ resistance to post-processing

[0:25:41 – 0:27:20]
Trey’s recommended books… featuring one from +Patrick Rothfuss

[0:27:31 – 0:29:08]
Being alone with the music; enjoying the journey of post-processing; left-brained clever photographers and how to unlock the right brain; music making things cinematic.

[0:29:24 – 0:32:06]
New photography mediums; something beyond HDR; being pigeonholed as “HDR Guy;” Socratic reductionism; new kind of photo between a photo and a video; capturing fleeting moments.

[0:32:10 – 0:32:45]
What would superpower be?

[0:33:37 – 0:36:06]
Travel and family relationships; “strange brain” when alone; balance of art, family, business, friends.

[0:36:13 – 0:37:02]
New Zealand move and reasons.

[0:38:51 – 0:43:30]
Dealing with trolls and naysayers; strong-emotion people, extreme joy and extreme sadness. (Asked by Brian Rose).

[0:43:51 – 0:45:00]
HDR hate/love; photographs that shouldn’t be taken but justified through HDR.

[0:45:18 – 0:47:37]
Trey’s paintings; inspiration for painting; Impressionists; challenging status quo.

[0:47:54 – 0:51:16]
Replicating success; evolution vs. splintering of photography.

[0:51:24 – 0:53:21]
Mirrorless cameras.

[0:53:21 – 0:54:53]
Showing up to a paid gig with a small camera; selling clients on portfolio.

[0:54:55 – 0:55:02]
Clarification on still using D800; transitional hinterland.

[0:55:50 – 0:59:26]
What can we do together as a community going forward? Exciting time in history; best “NOW” ever; Internet like a brain; building out the right brain of the Internet and establish the art and culture of the Internet; Decade of the Artist;


Daily Photo – Swabbing the Decks

The Disney Cruise aboard the Fantasy had deck after deck after deck – something was always happening – everywhere! It was pretty stimulating as a photographer to try to figure out where to be at different times.

This is the deck where the running track is. It goes around the outside of the ship, and I like to run so I was out there almost every day. I noticed around a certain time that these guys come out in yellow outfits to swab them down. So I made a point to get out there the next day and set up for this image.

Swabbing the Decks

Photo Information

  • Date Taken2012-04-03 16:28:22
  • CameraNIKON D800
  • Camera MakeNikon
  • Exposure Time1/1000
  • Aperture4
  • ISO100
  • Focal Length15.0 mm
  • FlashOff, Did not fire
  • Exposure ProgramAperture-priority AE
  • Exposure Bias