The Wild Japanese River – Stuck in Customs

The Wild Japanese River

Trey’s Variety Hour #35 – Personal Photo Projects

Dallas Nagata White, Ed White, Ron Brinkmann, Todd Sisson, Varina Patel, and Scott Kublin join me and talk about their personal photo projects. We share photos and stories behind them and have just a dandy old time. Ron reveals his cool new app FreezePaint!

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“Famous” Things in Asia

I’ve noticed that Japanese and Chinese people often over-use the word “famous” in relation to things.  I’ve heard countless times:  “See that?  It is a very famous rock.”  Or, we might pass by a cafe and someone would say, “This is a very famous cafe.”  I hear it sometimes a dozen times per day.  All these famous things, and I haven’t heard of any of them!  So, this leads me to believe that their “famous” is equivalent to our combination of words:  “Considerably well-known to a small group of locals.”

Daily Photo -The Wild Japanese River

Here is another photo from Japan (two days in a row) – this time from a more crazy scene!

I hired a boat to take me down a rough river near Nikko.  There were many sights to be seen that I could get to from the river, so I decided to take all my equipment on this ride.  That was a bad idea!  It wasn’t my first (or last) bad idea.

Things got a little crazy in the boat sometimes, and the guys that were “steering” us down the rapids often looked pretty nervous and panicked.  When they got panicked, I got 2x panicked!