The Horse and Carriage – Stuck in Customs

The Horse and Carriage

Camera on Horseback

Have you ever carried a bunch of camera equipment while on the back of a horse?  I don’t recommend it.

Daily Photo – The Horse and Carriage

I stayed in an amazing place when I was in the south of China, and every morning this horse and carriage would pull up in front.  And, like any good model, the horse didn’t complain while I went around and took a bunch of shots while fiddling with my camera.

This photo was taken with my 50mm lens at ISO 200 f/1.4 and the shutter was 1/8000.  I don’t know why I just told you all that… I guess some people really like to know.  BTW, all that info is avail if you click through to the SmugMug version.

HDR Photo