Across the Top of the Old Village – Stuck in Customs

Across the Top of the Old Village

New eBook – The Tuesday Composition

Over the next month or so, we’re launching a bunch of new eBooks at We just released The Tuesday Composition by Joe Decker – go check it out!

The Tuesday Composition solves the mystery of why some images just seem more “effective” than others, bringing in ideas from the sciences and the arts. Addressing many popular misconceptions, this beautifully-illustrated 75-page book teaches the craft of creating incredible, compelling photographs, through both a discussion of principles and through in-depth looks at a number of “case studies.”


Getting Visas

Getting Visas for travel feels like a very 18th-century way of getting around the world!  As far as I can tell, the only REAL purpose of having them is as an extra revenue-source for the country.  But the process is always so silly!  Here’s two examples:

  • Each time I go to China, I have to fed-ex my passports to Houston where they process the Visas then send them back via fed-ex.  A little hint, btw, is that if you connect in Hong Kong, you can just do it there…
  • I connected in Australia and had about 10 hours where I could go explore and take photos.  What?  I can’t leave the airport because I don’t have a Visa?  Australia!  You slay me…  that’s a silly policy.

Daily Photo – Across the Top of the Old Village

The old town of Lijiang has these old rooflines that go forever to the horizon.  Part of the problem getting up above the roofline is, well, getting up above the roofline.  You have to head a bit out of town and walk up a hill to get this perspective.  I found the spot thanks to Stuck On Earth.

Across the Top of the Old Village