Paddleboard in Hawaii – Stuck in Customs

Paddleboard in Hawaii

Monterey PhotoWalk Soon! Over 260 people RSVPed!

Time/Date: April 12 starting at 9:30AM – Arrive early to shake hands! 🙂
Start Location: Monterey – across from the Aquarium 
End Location: The Wharf!

– Free event
– Hosted during the EG Conference – day passes will be avail if you want to come
– All skill levels – bring your mobile phone!
– Family-friendly – great for kids and dads and moms
– RSVP on Google Schemer:
– Can’t get on Google Schemer? Click link:

Tag to use for your photos on Google+:  #MontereyPhotoWalk

Big Lenses = Big Sun

Do you notice how some photos just seem to have HUGE suns and moons?  Well, for one thing, I think that 75% of the “cool” moon shots in landscapes are faked.  That is, they will paste in a “big” moon from another photo above a mountain range or something.  I don’t do that.  Like, for example, the sun here was really here.  I don’t add stuff like that to photos.

Anyway, to get the sun or moon to look Big, you have to do two things:

  • Orient an object that has a known size (human, tree, car) in front of the moon or sun.
  • Use a huge lens (in this case, it was around 300mm) to zoom in and make the distant object seem even bigger.

Daily Photo – Paddleboard in Hawaii

The weather in Hawaii was rather dour and dismal for most of my trip. I only caught one sunset while there, so I decided to try to make the most of it.

This lone paddleboarder was skating across the surface of the ocean while I was walking along the beach. Although this photo looks fairly serene and calm, I was not. You only get one chance for this shot, unless you are willing to take a shot, sprint, take a shot, sprint, take a shot, SPRINT, etc. I’m sure people on the beach thought I was a loon, but I couldn’t think of any other way to get it done!

HDR Photo