Fireworks on the Disney Cruise – Stuck in Customs

Fireworks on the Disney Cruise

SmugMug Review

Are you looking for a place to host your photos? I’m still quite happy with SmugMug.  See my SmugMug Review for more information.  I’m about to have a portfolio re-design there on the site… so get ready for that too!

Fireworks Tip

Here’s a quick one… if you have “Long Exposure NR” turned on (which it is by default), be sure to turn it off when shooting fireworks.  The camera can take a LONG time to do that NR (Noise Reduction) processing, which will keep you from taking the next exposure.

Daily Photo – Fireworks on the Disney Cruise

I was not sure where exactly the fireworks shot off the top of the Disney Fantasy, so I gambled and guessed that this area on Deck 13 in the “Adults Only” area of the ship would be best.  There is a little curving area that juts out that I thought would be perfect…  I asked a few cast members, and they told me to be over on the starboard side, but I tried to explain that I wanted to get the boat in the shot too — this confounded them… so, anyway, I was over in this spot pretty much by myself… which is fine with me!