Disney Fantasy Cruise – Tunnel Vision – Stuck in Customs

Disney Fantasy Cruise – Tunnel Vision

The answer

Of yesterday’s quiz was NO.  It is not HDR.  I did it just with Lightroom… and nothing tooooo fancy in Lightroom either.  I may or may not have another video tutorial coming up soon about Lightroom and a few of my tricks… stay tuned for that!

Daily Photo – Disney Fantasy Cruise – Tunnel Vision

Here is one more photo from the Fantasy!  I’ve been going photo-crazy.  Not only is the cruise kind of expensive, but the internet costs 75 cents a minute… so, many Bothans died to bring you this image!  But… it is so amazing I wanted to share it ASAP.

See those tubes there on the right and left?  It’s a huge waterslide that even extends out beyond the edges of the ship!  Amazing…  and that huge movie screen there?  They play movies on it regularly… so you can relax at the pool while seeing something more interesting than what always seems to end up on my airplanes:  Miss Congeniality 2.