A Smooth Landing – Stuck in Customs

A Smooth Landing


A Few Days till the Keynote at Kent State

I’m looking forward to it!  If you’re in the area, maybe I’ll see you there!  More Information on the Kent State website

Daily Photo – A Smooth Landing

This was a wild last-second shot!  I was driving down the highway along the coast of Oahu with Tom and we saw this area where these parachuters were practicing landing.  Not being a hardcore parachuter (having only done it once!), I didn’t really understand that a landing was something one could “practice” — I figured you just either landed or you died.  It seemed pretty binary.  Anyway, while there was all this activity, I jumped out there and put my 14-24 on my camera so I could get in close on some of the landings for some fun shots…

HDR Photo<