Lighthouse on Roanoke Island at Sunset – Stuck in Customs

Lighthouse on Roanoke Island at Sunset

Thanks again to the team

I wanted to take a quick moment here again to thank the team here at Stuck In Customs.  They do everything from 24 hour support for tutorials and eBooks to making sure the website is fast to making sure our apps are fun and engaging and so much more.  So, thank you! 🙂

Daily Photo – Lighthouse on Roanoke Island at Sunset

Ahhhh – finally a good sunset!  I keep track of the sunsets like an insane meteorologist combined with a Native American shaman.  I do my best to look at each day and figure out how things will end up that evening.  Predicting more than a day ahead is almost impossible, unless you are at a special place on the planet around a certain type of year.

On this day in North Carolina, I knew that the late afternoon storm was a small cell, and it would pass quickly, perhaps letting the sun peak beneath the clouds to light them from the bottom.  And, to my satisfaction, it actually happened!

HDR Photo