Walking in the Park – Stuck in Customs

Walking in the Park


Hawaii PhotoWalk!

This one will be fun – for all the details, see the post from Tom Anderson on G+.

How to Remove Soundcloud App from FB?

A few weeks ago my friend Peter Gorges sent me a FB link to listen to some music, and I accidentally ended up installing the Soundcloud app into my FB stream.  Now, even though I keep deleting the updates, it keeps re-appearing.  I can’t figure out how to remove the dang app!  Any ideas?  (so annoying…!)

Daily Photo – Walking in the Park

Instead of describing this photo, I’ll talk about a little trick.  See how the background is all blurry and quite flat (not complex)?  This happens when you use a very low number for your F-Stop.  In this case, it was 1.4 on the 50mm 1.4 lens – although this would have also worked with the less inexpensive 1.8 lens.  Anyway, if the person (or object) you are shooting is a lot closer to you than the distant background, the entire area back there will be very washed-out and flat.  Behind her, there was actually a lot of complexity.  There was a park with trees and sky and lights and everything, but it all gets washed away with this technique.