Brian Rose in the Google Holodeck – Stuck in Customs

Brian Rose in the Google Holodeck


Printing 101 eBook

Printing 101! If you are printing-curious, and I know many of you are, here is a great eBook from Ron Martinsen.  From emails and other communications, I know many of you are interested in learning more about how to make your own prints at home.  This eBook is incredibly approachable and thorough.  Enjoy!

Daily Photo – Brian Rose in the Holodeck

When I was in Venice, I visited the beautiful new Google offices there.  It’s where most of the photos team is based.

We had a fun little giveaway where I invited a winner to join me for the day at Google.  The winner was Cam Meadows, so he joined me and Tom Anderson on a grand tour around the offices.  Along the way, our host, Brian Rose, led us to the Google Holodeck.

It’s fully integrated into the latest version of Google Earth, and you can zoom and fly around anywhere in the world.  I grabbed the controls to zoom into San Francisco then asked him to smile while I grabbed a quick photo! 🙂