Live Show Tonight – Stuck in Customs

Live Show Tonight

Trey’s Variety Hour #20 – Google+ Photographer Discoveries!

  • Our Regular Weekly Time:  Monday (Tonight!) at 7 PM PT – Your World Time
  • Location to Watch: (There is Live Chat there too)

#20 will be a fun one! We have great guests, all of whom will be sharing some great photographer discoveries we’ve made on Google+. There’s so many inspiring photographers on here, and we’re just getting started.

Joining me are +Thomas Hawk +Chee Chew from Google, +Gordon Laing from, +Karen Hutton and +Kelli Seeger Kim from Life Through the Lens. And, here’s just a few of the G+ Photographer Discoveries we’ll be sharing: +midori chan +Jaime Ibarra +Hengki Koentjoro +Todd Sisson +Klaus-Peter Kubik +Stefan Haworth +Klaudia J +Philippe Sainte-Laudy +Alan Shapiro+Laura Ferreira +Joe McNally +Mike Shaw +Lotus Carroll +Ivan Makarov +Vivienne Gucwa +Kerry Murphy +Mikko Lagerstedt +Ulf Bjolin

Thanks again for production help to +Dave Veffer +Tony Wang and +Lisa Kentzell

Daily Photo – Mountain and Meadow

While in Argentina, the mountain of Fitz Roy acted as the center of most of my hiking.  It was always there in the distance, towering above all else.  Even when it was enshrouded in clouds, I could still feel its heaviness beyond.

I think about 90% of my shots are landscape-orientation.  I only end up with about 10% in this portrait-orientation.  I don’t know why this is…  I can’t figure out if I am just a creature of habit or if that is the way I am wired.  But, if you ever do see one in portrait orientation like this, you can probably just assume that it required a little extra thought.

HDR Photo