New eBook! – Stuck in Customs

New eBook!

New eBook – Square

We have a great new eBook – it’s beautiful, educational, and fun. I think you’ll get a lot out of it. Pop over to now to get a copy and download immediately!

Here’s what’s inside:

– Learn the history of the square format
– Learn to capture for square and edit with square in mind
– Tutorials for Cropping, Making Vertoramas, and adding borders to your images
– Read an interview case study with Matt Toynbee
– Learn about Holga lenses
– 50+ Pages

Other New Flatbooks Authors

There are so many things happening with that I can barely keep up! We have Ben Wilmore writing a new book which should be done pretty soon. Besides Ben, we have all kinds of people writing them now, like Lisa Bettany, Jessica Ambats, Jaime Ibarra, and several others.

And don’t forget about Ron Martinsen’s eBook on Printing, which is another new release.

Daily Photo – Girl Outside Restaurant

I normally don’t re-process photos. Most of you may know this about me. But, I went over to have a little session with Jaime Ibarra (at the same time I talked him into writing an eBook for us!), and I took a few photos with me to work on. This is one of them. He has a very interesting technique, and I thought this would be a good candidate.

I found this girl sitting outside of a restaurant. There’s a dead time around 3 to 4 PM… to late for lunch and too early for dinner. I suppose she worked in the restaurant and was just taking a break…

HDR Photo