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Man Sketching in Uzès!

2-3 years without a miss!

Publishing a new photo every day is really hard! 4-5 years ago I would miss 5-10 days out of the year, but I think I’ve been pretty solid for the last 2-3 years. Sometimes, I miss the midnight deadline that is self-imposed, but I always get one up before the following midnight. But, it’s no problem, really… obviously I enjoy doing it! 🙂

Daily Photo – Man Sketching in Uzès

After spending the day walking around the old market, I started to walk back to where I started. Weaving through small alleys, I would occasionally enter larger courtyards. In one of them, I saw this man, sitting on a step, and sketching the scene.

When I took the photo, he looked up and gave a little smile, then went back to his business.