Trey’s Video Hangout #10 – Stuck in Customs

Trey’s Video Hangout #10

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have fun and get some good pictures. Be sure to save me the Peanut M&Ms. They are my kryptonite.

New video – Trey’s Video Hangout #10

This was a great Google+ hangout (my Google profile) . You guys will love it… interesting people, new photographers, great conversation and insight — what else do you need?

Okay, who do I mention first? Don’t think because I mention someone first that they are more important or anything… but, well, anyway, Jaime Ibarra talks a lot about his work — many surprises for beginners out there! Jeremy Cowart talks about his work and Help Portrait. Victor Cajiao talks about his podcasts and photography… of course Gordon Laing was there and funny/helpful as always… We also had a some new faces with Kelli Seeger Kim , whose into macro photography, Angela B. Pan a fellow travel photographer, and Anna Rumiantseva with her Ukrainian stylings. We also had the smooth operator +RC Concepcion to grace us with his gentle latin stylings…

For the whole transcript with timestamps, visit the YouTube page. Thanks to Dave Veffer for producing / transcribing. Thanks to Keith Barrett for broadcasting live.