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New App, Pretty Wallpaper for your iPhone/iPad

A New Universal App!

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I have a new app for those of you that want an easy way to get some of the best art here to your iPhone or iPad.  It has the ridiculous name: “Trey Ratcliff’s Wallpaper Menagerie of Curious Collectibles.”

It comes with 17 different wallpapers. All the images are oversized so you can pan around, zoom, an orient them however you might like. Of course, you can set them for your Lock Screen and your Background. There is also a nice little gallery mode where you can swipe through the various images. Enjoy!

HDR Photo HDR Photo

New Behind-the-scenes video

One common question I get is, “How do you get photos without people in them?” There are many ways to do it, and this video shows one of them. I took this just recently while in Lijiang, China.