Hangout #8 – Trey’s Variety Hour – Photography Fun! – Stuck in Customs

Hangout #8 – Trey’s Variety Hour – Photography Fun!

New Video—Trey’s Variety Hour

Enjoy! ???????????? (yes we are working on a Chinese version of the site too!)


Thank you Dave Veffer for writing this?Also thank you Keith Barrent for broadcasting live and recording!

0:00:06 Show intro about machetes.

0:00:43 Trey introduces +Lotus Carroll of – She is a mommy blogger, writer and photographer from Austin, TX.

0:01:23 Trey tries to introduce +Jeremy Cowart but his internet isn’t working.

0:01:45 We meet +Thomas Hawk, who likes to take pictures, of and every other photo sharing site.

0:02:45 +Gordon Laing of from New Zealand shows us the view outside.

0:03:33 Trey intros +Mike Wiacek who works on the Google security team and likes photography.

0:04:13 We say hello to +Kelli Seeger Kim, who really enjoys macro photography and is just getting started.

0:05:10 Wedding photographer who shoots people +Scott Jarvie, introduces himself.

0:05:42 Trey introduces +Jim Davis, a nature landscape photographer from Canada.

0:06:25 +Keith Barrett of and introduces himself.

0:07:45 This is where they start talking about photos the hangout guests are working on.

0:08:26 Thomas shows images he has been working on. Thomas is about 2 years behind on processing but he skipped ahead and is showing something from a couple weeks ago at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

0:15:00 Now Lotus shows us her photos from the same music festival. She mentions how she crops differently sometimes based on where the image will be shared.

0:17:53 Gordon’s turn. He recently converted from Windows to his new Macbook Air (I did the same recently and it’s awesome).

0:19:32 Gordon got his screen shared but immediately dropped his connection. 🙁

0:20:18 Kelli shows off some of her work taken with her new 100mm Canon macro lens. Trey mentions a tip about sugar water.

0:24:34 Now it is Jarvie’s turn. He shows some images he took on stage during a concert at the Utah Symphony.

0:29:26 Lotus shows a macro of a flower and the gang discusses “poor man’s macro” photography where you shoot with the lens off camera.

0:31:55 Discussion of lens changing techniques.

0:33:30 Portrait and wedding photographer +Dustin Meyer of shows some of his photos.

0:38:56 Trey shares some of his new photos from Iceland and Burning Man as well as some discussion about his use of iPhoto for his portfolio final images.

0:45:45 Thomas discusses his thoughts on the awesomeness of Google+.

0:48:00 Lotus tells us what she thinks about Google+ and shares some advice for how to get a following.

0:49:21 Kelli chimes in with some of her thoughts on keeping an audience and what she gets out of the community here on Google+.

0:51:50 Street photographer +Leanne Staples of shows us some of her images from the latest New York photo walk. A conversation about all the photo walks that have been happening because of G+ ensues.

0:58:35 Trey hints at his top secret iOS app that will be free and should be out soon. It will be called Stuck On Earth and it sounds very exciting.

1:00:12 We meet +Simon Gelfand from Israel and also +Philip Rawson from Missouri.

1:01:28 Leanne shows us another image and tells how she got the shot. Trey pulls up one of Leanne’s images and discusses with Thomas. Leanne talks about her process.

1:09:41 Thomas and Leanne talk about shooting philosophy and about how with time and experience can come a way of seeing the world. A conversation about Google+ vs Flickr ensues.

1:13:20 Trey talks about his unplanned traveling lifestyle.

1:14:34 Leanne ponders what the future of photography is. Will photography be considered art? Thomas gives his thoughts.

1:18:17 Thomas talks about how he manages to shoot and process as many images as he does.

1:19:54 The group discusses how photographs can age like wine and what the future will hold.

1:23:19 Lotus gives her thoughts on shooting self portraits. Trey is so excited he can’t contain himself. 😉

1:26:44 Trey shows off his Hello Kitty Fujifilm camera that he got in China.

1:28:10 Wrap up conversation. We finally find out who is or isn’t wearing pants.