Burning Man Fire Dancer – Stuck in Customs

Burning Man Fire Dancer

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Daily Photo – Burning Man Fire Dancer

Burning Man this year was just fantastic. I don’t even know how to describe it… I think I will describe it the best way I can – through photos.

I was happy to spend a lot of time there with old and new friends. I ended up camping very close to Cliff Baise, who was nice enough to make me an awesome fur-covered bike for the event. I’ll get photos of that up soon… it’s so ridiculous and awesome.

One sunset, we walked over near the temple. Every year the temple has a totally new design, and this year it looked like this. It’s not a religious-thing, so I think the designers always go for something that has shades of religion but with nothing in particular in mind. This fire dancer was performing out front, so I got down low to take a photo.

The fire spun in a time the lasted forever in an instant.  The man inside obeyed and commanded it, weaving himself into a veil between what we saw and what he felt.  Inside, we saw each flame and it stayed with with us.  In another day, the tower behind would burn.I watched him dance.  There was a fine powder of sand above the hard-packed earth.  The powder was like a dust, a cloud, a fog, a mist that where his toes slipped around and through.  The mist would eddy and fall and rise in time for him to slide back through, the orange light from the flames above fell into and through the mist, dancing with his gentle feet.