Trey’s Photography Hangout #9 – Stuck in Customs

Trey’s Photography Hangout #9

New Video – “Trey’s Photography Hangout #9”

It was a great discussion! Remember Tom Anderson from MySpace? He joined up! So did Lisa Bettany, Thomas Hawk, Robert Scoble, Gordon Laing, Nicole Young, and Kevin Kelly (one of my favorite TED speakers!).

The Transcript

Thanks fo Dave Veffer for writing up the transcript below! 🙂

0:00:00 +Gordon Laing introduces himself and briefly talks about

0:00:36 Trey mentions they are going to do some critiques later and talk about some of the guests photos, then introduces +Kevin Kelly

0:01:15 +Kevin Kelly author and former editor of Wired which he cofounded who has photography roots introduces himself.

0:02:43 +Tom Anderson introduces himself. Tom recently caught the photography bug and discusses his budding friendship with Trey.

0:03:39 +Nicole S. Young , stock and food photographer as well as author/blogger of intros herself and mentions her new book, “Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots”.

0:04:29 +Thomas Hawk of and flickr fame introduces himself. He says he takes a lot of pictures.

0:05:07 +Keith Barrett of and talks about having Disney in his backyard and is there representing beginners.

[Chee’s mike isn’t working quite right… so there is a moment of quiet here… sorry]

0:06:09 Trey introduces +Chee Chew the main dude behind Google+ Hangouts. (Chee’s audio doesn’t seem to work here). Trey speaks about his mad love for G+ and mentions +Vic Gundotra playing volleyball

0:07:25 Trey and Kevin talk about why Kevin likes to be a photographer and what kind of equipment he shoots with.

0:11:25 Trey introduces +Lisa Bettany of and super popular mobile camera app Camera+. She talks about how it is a wonderful time to be a photographer and how we are all capturing moments of our lives.

0:14:56 Thomas talks about his project to try and shoot America’s 100 largest cities and various things he’s got planned to go shoot. Photography is an obsession for him. Apparently Thomas likes being hopped up on speed 😉

0:18:04 Trey, Kevin, Nicole, Gordon, Lisa and Thomas discuss the creative process of photography and how they differ on shooting philosophies regarding waiting for inspiration versus forcing yourself to shoot.

0:26:39 Tom talks about how it feels to be a beginner, his new love for photography and how it is driving his life right now.

0:31:49 Nicole chimes in with some good advice for beginners. Always shoot for yourself first and how to receive critique from strangers. She also goes on to give her shooting tip about taking advantage of live view to get tack sharp photos. (Nicole stole Gordon’s tip)

0:35:22 Lisa and Nicole discuss techniques for lighting in food photography. Nicole pimps her awesome book.

0:38:38 Lisa gives her tip. Perseverance.

0:40:01 Trey shows some of Nicole’s photography and they discuss.

0:43:35 Keith’s tip. Don’t rush.

0:44:26 Thomas gives his beginner tip: take a lot of photos. Advanced tip: light painting using Roscolux gels. Thomas wrestles a bear on his mic.

0:47:45 +Erika Stahoski from Minneapolis joins the hangout and talks about the kind of photographer she is.

0:48:24 +Robert Scoble the Scobleizer, joins the hangout. Trey questions Robert’s “babysitting” his own kids.

0:49:17 Trey gives his tip for beginners. Stay away from critiques early on. Most people that give critiques on the internet are incompetent. Knowing what is beautiful is programmed into our DNA and you can eventually arrive at something beautiful by following your instincts. Advanced tip: Get a Pegasus Thunderbolt RAID drive that holds 12TB to speed up everything on your computer, especially Lightroom. Trey says “it’s huge, it’s fantastic!” (where’s Michael Scott when you need him)

0:54:35 Scoble shows off his daisy chained Thunderbolt devices. He awaits his Pegasus drive. He goes on to give his tip about getting big lights and just play/paint with light. Scoble is pasty white. He also talks about his background working in a camera store in the 80s.

0:58:58 Tom gives his beginner tip. Go shoot somewhere beautiful and you’ll greatly increase your chances of taking good shots.

1:00:20 Gordon pimps – His tip. After playing around with manual modes or changing settings on your camera, don’t forget to set your camera back to the auto or normal settings you are used to. This way you won’t miss a moment by having the camera on some weird setting. Advanced tip: every lens has a different sweet spot of best sharpness. Try shooting at various apertures then check the images later to see which aperture is the crispest focus which he says is usually two tops from the max aperture of the lens.

1:06:20 Gordon talks about mirrorless cameras. Specifically the new Nikon 1. He reckons we’ll here about a new Canon “super high end body” in the next 6 months.

1:16:15 Showing some of Lisa’s photos and she talks about them.

1:24:00 Lisa makes a random Game of Thrones mention (best show on TV) and the geeks rejoice.

1:25:20 Thomas shows off some of his stuff and discusses the images.

1:30:00 Trey briefly shows one of +Jeremy Cowart ‘s photos of Taylor Swift. Jeremy couldn’t make the hangout due to mic difficulties.

1:30:32 Going through some of Gordon’s images. He discusses astro photography as well and some good tips for shooting the moon (literally).

1:41:00 People aren’t wearing pants apparently.

1:41:40 Trey shows off some of his recent images including some stuff from Burning Man. Fresh water, plains, grass, trees, mountains, and paths make us happy on an anthropological level.

1:45:20 Thomas and Trey discuss Burning Man. Trey worries about eating the wrong brownies.

1:47:35 We meet Ali Elhajj, Brian Aldridge, Robert McGee and Robert Redl who drop by.

1:49:30 Here the gang starts critiquing images supplied by some of the people watching the live stream. Thomas and Trey both don’t condone watermarks.

1:58:00 Trey gives some cool tips about adjusting the pop of greens by adjusting the saturation level of the yellows in an image.

1:59:20 Wrap up.