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Alert – Live Hangout Tonight…

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Building 43 at Google Wow I had a great time at Google!  The guys and gals there I met were very nice and cool...  After my Authors@Google talk, I stayed around for a while to take photos while waiting on the workshop to begin.  There are sensitive areas of Google, of course, and I didn't even try to take pictures of any of that stuff...  Building 43 is the central building of the whole Googleplex.  It houses the offices of Marissa Mayer (who did not show up for my talk *ahem*), Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.  I wanted to pop into their offices and make unique photos of their offices for fun, but I did not want to ask on my first visit.  Wouldn't that be one of the most interesting things in the world?  To see the offices of all these people?  They don't have to be awesome and all James-Bondy -- even something mundane would be interesting, if captured in the right way.  But I do picture Sergey stroking a white cat...- Trey RatcliffClick here to read the rest of this post at the Stuck in Customs blog.