Shopping in Beijing – Stuck in Customs

Shopping in Beijing

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Non-Photography Pockets?

I notice that as I move around China that there are not many photographers. It’s not like the US or Europe where you occasionally see a few people out and about with a DSLR — but not in China. I think it is part of a more general sense of art being less important there. Or, maybe “less important” is not the right thing to say. Perhaps artists are just not encouraged as much here… this seems to be the sentiment I hear when I talk to lots of Chinese people here.

Daily Photo – Shopping in Beijing

Megamalls are everywhere here. And many of them are as beautiful and ornate as this one. In some ways, i think it is kind of cool that everything is ultra-modern and slick… in other ways, it’s not because it feels like I am back in Dallas or something… know what I mean?

Who knows… the Chinese people seem to love it… who am I to say….

HDR Photo