Google Photos Hangout from Google – Stuck in Customs

Google Photos Hangout from Google

New Video!

I’ve really been enjoying Google+… often times I am able to post there quicker than here — so if you want to see super-immediate stuff, that is a good place to hang out!

Wondering what is coming next with Google Photos? We have all kinds of stuff in here… after a long discussion with the Google Photos team! +Brian Rose joins me while there at the offices and we decided to broadcast live and record the whole thing! Thanks again to +Keith Barrett for making this last-minute idea possible through his network!

What other Google Photo questions do you have? I’m sure Brian and the Google Photos team will monitor this thread… so share your thoughts!

Intro: We meet Brian Rose from Google and other photographers join in like +Sara Collaton

1:25 +Robert Scoble introduces himself and talks a bit about +Ray William Johnson

3:24 +Andrey Tochilin from 500px puts on a sexy shirt and talks like a spy

5:50 +Dustin Meyer intros himself and talks about his biz in Austin a bit.

7:00 +Brian Matiash from onOne joins us. onOne did not pay me to have him on… they could not pay me enough… it was a mistake how he slipped in…

7:40 The possible Google bot +Shirley Lo joins us

10:00 Brian Rose talks about some new PhotoWalks

12:00 I ask Andre about user growth on 500px in relation to Google+

13:40 Scoble talks about Google Photos a bit… discusses different layout possibilities and blathers on about this and that.

14:30 Brian talks about how Google+ expected things to go and how they actually went.

21:30 The discussion with Google+ — the laundry list of things that Google+ Photos is thinking about… *I start by describing an exciting way Google can blow Getty out of the water*… an idea originally discussed with +Thomas Hawk. And yes, this notion has been described and discussed in detail with the clever +Bradley Horowitz as well.

33:00 Scoble has a nice filtering idea… stopped clock theory at work….

38:45 I talk about how +Lisa Bettany did in the Google kitchens… then Brian starts going through the rest of the list by himself while I step away to Bettany the kitchen.

46:30 Brian talks about a “Read More” option…

47:10 Matiash stumbles over himself in an adorable way when talking about +Nicole S. Young

48:51 Scoble talks about the nice quick feedback mechanism…

52:40 Keith Barrett comes in and asks a question about mobile

54:00 Matiash asks about Google’s plans to kill Facebook

57:00 Scoble talks about noise control… and filtration… and things devolve from there as we all start having secret thoughts about Brian Rose’s mustache.