New Video Hangout – Photographer Struggles – Stuck in Customs

New Video Hangout – Photographer Struggles

Many good discussions were had!

New Video! A Google+ Hangout from +Tom Anderson ‘s mansion ( ahem his 2nd one… I give a brief tour around 54:00 ) ! But, too bad Tom wasn’t there… he’s off in Hawaii doing wonderful things… we did a photography-centric talk with several people about where we are struggling with in this sport…

Many people in this one! The famous +RC Concepcion joins us later in the hangout! Many others too including +Alfie Goodrich, +Lotus Carroll, and even +Mike Wiacek from Google!

0:45 +Alfie Goodrich introduces himself and talks about what he does in Tokyo at …many other introductions from invited guests and people from the public that popped in…

9:00 Mike Wiacek from Google joins us and introduces himself

11:30 We start talking about what we’re struggling with in photography… and we hear from +Beau Kahler

13:00 Alfie Goodrich gives a great tip for using a flash

16:00 Alfie talks about what he has trouble with… and how he deals with blocks

20:30 +Lotus Carroll talks about getting out of her comfort zone with street photography and taking photos of people

30:00 +Mike Wiacek from Google talks about what he is struggling with photography

35:00 +shirley lo says something quite poetic about what she is working on… just before +Jim Davis joins the hangout

38:00 I give my explanation of my workflow and how approach unprocessed photos. (I bold this because it is a concern I hear a lot)

48:00 Alfie talks about his workflow a bit

50:00 I get a question about my workflow… I talk about my workflow.. kinda…

54:30 I give a quick tour of part of Tom’s mansion… its super-dark… darker than a bear’s den…

1:05:00 Jim Davis talks about how he watermarks his images…

1:07:00 +RC Concepcion arrives in style!

1:09:30 I ask RC all about his new HDR Book (which you can buy at Amazon)

1:12:00 I try briefly to talk RC into writing an ebook for like +Lisa Bettany

1:12:30 RC talks about a better way to do watermarks.

1:18:40 RC (now with his lights on) talks about what he is struggling with lately…

1:23:00 I ask RC, since he is a great teacher, about how people learn Photoshop and how they overcome blocks.

1:35:00 I get a question about how I knew that I was into photography…

Others that joined us were +Keith Barrett (thanks for recording!), +Aaron Skwarcan +Melvin Little +Xander Wroblewski +Dano Hart +Michael Riffle and more (I run out of plusses) from