Dinner with Friends in Nimes – Stuck in Customs

Dinner with Friends in Nimes

Thanks to Luke!

I wanted to give a HUGE thanks to Luke, who manages our 24-hour customer support (support @ stuckincustoms.com). We get hundreds and hundreds of emails from customers that buy everything from the video photography course to the ebooks, and he is fantastic at helping people out… We just got this nice note from a customer, Patrice Ryan, and I asked if I could publish it as a way to publicly thank Luke!

“First of all, can I give you a gold star for customer service? I’m amazed you are still following up with me and appreciate this so much!”

Thanks again Luke! This operation would fall apart without you!

Meeting with Locals

If you are going to a new location, see if you can do anything to make friends with people that live there before you go. You may get an opportunity to spend time with them, visit their family, and see the sort of local stuff that is normally not seen by tourists. Obviously, because of this blog, I’ve got all sorts of interesting people to meet all over the world. But, if you see someone comment on here from a particular location, feel free to contact them (click on their name) and maybe you’ll find a little photo-friend to have an adventure with!

Daily Photo – Dinner with Friends in Nimes

The designer of the site here, Fabien Barral (see his site), took me to this wonderful little restaurant in Nimes for dinner. It was way off the beaten path, and we never would have found it… Plus, there’s also something very nice about sitting there with local people, talking about local politics, the economy, art, life, and everything.

Fabien is a great guy, and he’s become a great friend over the years. He just got finished redecorating a hotel in Paris, and I’ll try to get shots of that up soon.