New SmugMug Vid! Want to see even more Behind-the-Scenes videos? – Stuck in Customs

New SmugMug Vid! Want to see even more Behind-the-Scenes videos?

SmugMug Review

You guys know that I’ve been using SmugMug for years. If you want to try it out, they gave me a discount code of STUCKINCUSTOMS to save you money. To really get the full scoop and compare to Flickr etc etc, see the full SmugMug Review here on the site.

Want to see more behind-the-scenes videos???

So, even though this video below is obviously a promo for SmugMug (they didn’t pay me btw), I thought it was SO COOL that I wanted to share it. The guy that filmed it, Anton Lorimer, is absolutely fantastic.

So, I liked it so much, that I was thinking about bringing him with me on a photo adventure and have him grab a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff. I’d like them to be both scenic and technical. What do you think of this?

I’m sure I could get SmugMug to spring for the cost of sending Anton along with me (I’ll pay for myself as usual.. I never accept paid trips or free hotels, even though I get offers all the time).

Photo Reveal – 1 week from Today

In the video below, you’ll see me in the Big Sur area of California. You’ll see me taking a photo of the surf and rocks at sunset… want to see how it turned out? I’ll publish it here a week from today!

New Video – SmugMug Pro Promo

Well, this is obviously an ad for SmugMug pro (didn’t pay for my appearance in the ad OR me putting it on the website, since you may be wondering)… but, besides the commercial side, it’s also amazingly cool footage. Anton followed me around a double-wicked evening of wind and skin-ripping sand on the beach here in Big Sur. I assumed he knew what he was doing, but when I ended up seeing the footage, I was really blown away!

If you like this “look”, we’ll assemble a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff. In future ones, I’ll focus on the technical details of the shoot, how I compose, how my camera is set up, and these sorts of matters… again, let me know if you want to see this, and I’ll put together a formal plan.