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A great day at Google!

Why I love the comments some others dislike

I wrote an article on Google+ entitled “Why I love seeing the “Nice shot” and “Wow” comments, and why some other photographers should stop complaining about it…”, and it was quite popular! In about 12 hours, it hit the max of 500 comments. Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy the article as well, since the same goes for here at the blog too!

And thanks again for all the adds and stuff. It looks like I somehow got in the Top 20 in Google+, so I’m very thankful to you all!

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Daily Photo – A great day at Google!

So, a fellow photographer at Google named Brian White contacted me through G+ and asked if I wanted to visit the Zurich offices while I was in Switzerland. It just so happened that I am flying out of Zurich, and I took a train from Zermatt yesterday afternoon to meet him.

I met all sorts of interesting people there from Google and from the Google+ team. To see everyone I met and circle them, see the Google+ post about this.

We did a live Google+ Hangout (see photo) from their offices and had people connect from all over the world. We even had a Vietnamese guy in Prague join and play us an acoustic guitar song! It was really fun…

After the Hangout, we went up to the Google library on the top floor of their offices to take this photo together. See those people there on the left? They mostly ignored us. I think this is because they were serious Germans playing a board game. Never play a board game with a German.