The Old Farmhouse at Sunrise – Stuck in Customs

The Old Farmhouse at Sunrise

9 Exposures

I don’t usually take 9 exposures from +4 to -4, but I did bust that out in this case. I put all 9 photos in the Clubhouse so others could give this a go… it is a pretty challenging shot all around, as you might suspect.

People ask how long it takes me to do these… It’s a hard thing to answer. The thing is, I am very fast, so whatever number I say may be meaningless because of how quick I am with macros and stuff. However, after saying that, it does take me from 10 mins to 3 hours on each photo. This one took about two hours.

Daily Photo – The Old Farmhouse at Sunrise

Sometimes I feel a little funny about opening up gates to go into places… but no one was around, and this place looked pretty abandoned. And, really, I’m pretty innocent and don’t mean any harm…so, I just kinda let myself in, you know? Yes yes I know I shouldn’t do it… but I just opened up the gate, walked around the the back side of this abandoned place, took some photos, then left.