Sting in Concert in Nimes – Stuck in Customs

Sting in Concert in Nimes

Your Most Amazing…

What is the most amazing concert / venue you have ever visited? There are little amazing things that happen all over the world all the time, but I rarely hear about them… so I was wondering what experiences you have had.

Daily Photo – Sting in Concert in Nimes

So I’m going to see Sting in concert this week right here in this old Roman ruin. I’m very excited to see what it will be like to see something like this here… It’s hard to imagine what it will be like, but I’ll try to grab a few photos while I am there… no promises, though, but I’ll see what I can get! 🙂 I’m not going in any official capacity – just as a fan in the audience.

Sting in Concert in Nimes

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