The Disappearing Booth – Stuck in Customs

The Disappearing Booth


Exit Through the Gift Shop

Have you guys seen this documentary called “Exit Through the Gift Shop”? It’s so great… I had heard it was good from many people, but I was skeptical… I have always liked Banksy, but I didn’t know the documentary would be quite like THAT. Anyway, if you saw it, what did you think?

Daily Photo – The Disappearing Booth

I heard from some British friends that these are disappearing more and more all over London… I guess they are all just so old and the telephone company is removing the older ones… is this true, or is it an urban myth? I was reminded of Banksy above because he did a cool piece of art with one of these. And, I figured, we have so many readers from London, that one of you would know he truth!

HDR Photo