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Google+ Is Great For Photographers!

This Week in Photography Interview

I know many of you are still trying to get in (try our pay-it-forward invite system on our Facebook page… simply add your name to an inviter’s list, and then help others get in after you are invited!).  Even more have been wondering what a Google+ Hangout looks like. Well, now you can see, and find out more about Google+ for photographers.  Note this wasn’t a typical Hangout session because only two of us were talking because of the format of the interview… normally most everyone is communicating in a nice way…

Thanks to Frederick Van (@FrederickVan) from This Week in Photo for doing this…we had a good time, as you can tell! Here is the top Google+ List in case you want to find others to circle…

My Google Profile is here, and you can find this article here on Google+.

New HDR Tutorial in Beta!

Well, I cranked through it and updated the HDR Tutorial (free, as always). Nothing is official yet, but I wanted you guys to help me out and go through it… see some typos? I’m the worst at that, as you know by now! But, also let me know if some parts are weak, need more help, etc etc…

Below is the before/after shot for the new subject of the HDR Tutorial. Enjoy!

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