Magic Bullet PhotoLooks Review – Stuck in Customs

Magic Bullet PhotoLooks Review

New Review – PhotoLooks

I’ve been working on the PhotoLooks Review here, and now it is finally ready for release!  If you decide to grab it, the team there said my readers can use the code  STUCK20 to save 20%.  Or, you can just grab a trial at: Red Giant Software – Magic Bullet PhotoLooks.

It’s very easy to use, but I don’t want to steal all the thunder from the full review.  I’ve included a ton of photos and samples so you can get an idea.  I’ll put a few of them here below and link each one to the review.  Some of these are photos that I worked on in the Webinar and then put a finishing “touch” on in PhotoLooks.

PhotoLooks Review

Above is a good example of the interface and power.  To the left are a bunch of different preview thumbnails.  I found one called “Unbloom”, clicked on it, and then it very quickly rendered the big version of it to the right.

PhotoLooks Review

Above, you can see the detailed control panel appearing on the right whenever the mouse moves over to that side of the screen.  As opposed to the left side of the screen, this is where you can add even more granular effects to your creation.

PhotoLooks Review

Above is the effect of the “Miami” filter, which is the same filter you see on CSI: Miami when that soulless redheaded detective says something campy like, “Looks like what we have here…[dramatic pause as sunglasses are whipped off]…is a ceramic cat that’s got himself one hell of a hairball.”