HDR Before & After – Stuck in Customs

HDR Before & After

What does HDR do for you?

Take a look at these before & after photos that my student & friend Scott Kublin from HDRPhotographyBlog.com took.  He’s gotten really good…  and he’s also helping out with the Webinar.  If you follow his link above, you’ll see that he’s recently been honored because of some of his new skills!

Price going up soon for the Webinar!

The price jumps up very soon, so be sure to  go here to sign up. It’ll be awesome. Not the price going up part… but the webinar part. You know what I mean.

Shuttle Update

The shuttle launch was scrubbed today… It is postponed three more days. What a bummer! But these things happen… I’ll wait it out.

Daily Photo – Big Ben at Dusk

Halfway through the PhotoWalk in London, we stopped here at Big Ben to get a shot. It’s a little tough for me sometimes to do this while on a PhotoWalk because I can’t fully focus on the photography. I have to talk, explain, converse, answer questions, and the like. Don’t get me wrong… I love all that stuff. But I do find it hard to fully focus on the photography side of the evening!

HDR Photo