Burning Man Alive – Stuck in Customs

Burning Man Alive

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Daily Photo – Burning Man Alive

I’ve been releasing these photos in little batches.  I don’t usually add captions to photos, but I have been doing in these cases.  Enjoy!

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There is a central area in the middle of the camp where people come to do yoga, get coffee, perform magic, or do other carnie-like activities. Some people just go and watch, like this gal here.


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This was my favorite land vehicle. I wanted to ride around in it for a while, but I was too busy following it with my camera.


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One of the many wild custom land vehicles heads out to tour the playa as the sun sets. As soon as the sun starts to go down, everything comes alive in a fanciful way.


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On the final night of the temple burn, a huge sandstorm blew across the desert, blinding all of us out in a dreamy haze.