Climbing Inside the Dyson Sphere – Stuck in Customs

Climbing Inside the Dyson Sphere

The new tutorial will come…

I promise. It has turned out to be a bit of a beast. The tutorial will feature “The Making Of” 80 Days 8000 Photos. It is a fun process, and maybe you can give it a whirl too.

Daily Photo – Climbing Inside the Dyson Sphere

When you’re inside these megastructures, every room seems like a triumphant masterpiece on its own. I only know a little bit about architecture…just sort of as a general “fan” that can say, “Oh that looks cool,” but I wonder about how many architects work on a structure like this. I’m sure it’s a full team, and I imagine one of the junior guys getting to design this room. Even that would be a dream assignment, I would think!

This towering Escheresque room is inside The Egg, which you can see by looking back at previous photos of Beijing. Or, specifically, here is one photo from inside the egg, and another from the outside.

High Dynamic Range Photo