Flowers and Carved Stone – Stuck in Customs

Flowers and Carved Stone

Monterey PhotoWalk

We have the Monterey PhotoWalk group up now on Flickr! Thanks again for coming out.. that was a lot of fun… enjoyed the conversations and the chance to shoot with you guys! 🙂

Daily Photo – Flowers and Carved Stone

I kept driving and driving and driving and weaved my way up past a town in the far northwest fjords. I saw this strangely (and nicely) shaped mountain with that strange early-morning lighting. Then, I spent another hour or so hiking around until I found this special kind of blue flower (EDIT thanks to commenters Scott & Guðjón – it is called the lupine or lúpína in Icelandic). Just when I was about to give up, I found a giant patch of them, so I selected the right lens and set up for this shot.

HDR Photo