The Singularity Device – Stuck in Customs

The Singularity Device

iPad Today and Sarah Lane Video

Hey thanks Sarah for the nice review! I promise to forgive you for that time you left me in the tub of ice with a straw sticking out and your hand-scrawled note.

You can see Sarah’s human finger there on the right. She missed some of the best features of the app, but, much like my missing kidney, these things can be discovered slowly over time. I put some notes over her video so you can get a sense of what is under the hood.

Also, USA Today did a great review of the app too. Thanks again everyone for your support!

Monterey PhotoWalk

See the Monterey PhotoWalk Plancast page for more info. And here is the route we will walk along together!

Want to see a video of a PhotoWalk to see what it is like? Follow that link!

Daily Photo – The Singularity Device

This photo is strange isn’t it?

Even when I was standing there, I had to wait longer than expected to grok it. And maybe photos like can help you understand how technologically advanced the Chinese have become. In fact, they are absolutely bathed in it.

This screen in “The Place” (great name, huh?) that faces downward is supposed to be one of the biggest in the world. I don’t know if it’s bigger than the one in Texas Stadium, but it must be longer.

High Dynamic Range Photo