Late Night in Old China – Stuck in Customs

Late Night in Old China

Austin Awards Ceremony!

Thanks to all the nice people that came to the awards event tonight in Austin. We had people come in from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Katy! It was a great crowd, and I think I got a chance to talk to everyone there at least for a little bit. At least, I tried my best! Thanks again to all the judges and coaches and Jack Hollingsworth especially. The PhotoWalk (click to see recap and video) was really a special event, and it was fun to cap it off with this little awards event.

Daily Photo – Late Night in Old China

The town of Feng Huang in Hangzhou district is as old-fashioned as can be. But at night, a few of the side streets and secret alleys light up with a vibrant night life. No one was surprised as me!

I went out to get a late night bite, sit by the river, and work on some sketches. I figured the light would be too low for anything of interest. But luckily, I brought my big rig just in case. And then I found this little street that was totally full of life. I could hear noise from a few streets away, so I felt my way over there until I stumbled into this.

High Dynamic Range Photo