The Gate in Malibu – Stuck in Customs

The Gate in Malibu

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HDR Tutorial now in SIX (!!!) Languages

Thanks again to the amazing community that has helped to get this translated far and wide. Awesome!

Welcome to the International HDR Tutorial!

Daily Photo – The Gate in Malibu

On my recent trip to California, I decided to stay in Malibu. I’ve stayed almost everywhere in the LA area, but never out here. I found a really cool place on the beach using I’ve used that three or four times now – always with good results. The other places I used it for was London and Ibiza, and both were outstanding hotels.

One sunset, I walked over to the Malibu docks at sunset. They were pretty empty, with just a few people strolling around. And there was this nice painted gate looking so nice in the evening lights. It made for such a good pic that I took one with my phone and my D3X!

High Dynamic Range Photo