Flying Through the Night Skies of Kuala Lumpur – Stuck in Customs

Flying Through the Night Skies of Kuala Lumpur

I met Jen Scheer, head of the Space Tweeps society, at SXSW. We spent a few hours planning out the shuttle launch, viewing angles, time of day, etc etc.

Upcoming Trips…

I’ve spent the past week arranging a ton of flights, cars, and all sorts of stuff. Here’s a list of some upcoming travels. First, I’m headed out to Monterey, CA to speak at the EG Conference. We’ll also have a PhotoWalk out there.

Then, I have tickets and some very nice inside access to go see the Space Shuttle launch. I’m so excited. I’m also really thinking about taking a cool photo. This has occupied way too much of my brain in the past few weeks. I hope my brain works it all out so I don’t have to.

After that, I have Iceland for the solstice, then Yellowstone, Paris, Nimes, Switzerland, Burning Man, China and probably another trip to New Zealand before the end of the year. Man, I gotta pack!

Daily Photo – Flying Through the Night Skies of Kuala Lumpur

My grandmother told me that Kuala Lumpur was one of my grandfather’s favorite cities. I wonder what he would think of it now… but I know what he means – it’s also one of my favorite cities! I have many friends there, and people are generally as friendly as can be.

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