Old Beijing in the Morning – Stuck in Customs

Old Beijing in the Morning

Japan Charity Week Continues

Just around one day left, and we’ve broken $1,000 — great stuff. Now, get in there and bid! All the revenue goes to the Red Cross for Japan.

Daily Photo – Old Beijing in the Morning

I need some better photography-gloves, I came to realize on this particular morning. I’ve got some pretty good ones with the fingertips that flip up, but there are a few annoying things about them. I don’t want to bore you with all the details, but if there are ever any flaws, all you can do is think about them.

When I travel, I usually collect dozens (or hundreds) of textures from the environment. I like to re-constitute them back into the work itself from time to time. There’s no rhyme or reason for when I choose to do it… just whenever it feels interesting or right. Many of the textures I take don’t work or are not appropriate, but I do enjoy the process of going through them all.

High Dynamic Range Photo