Roman Baths in Nimes – Stuck in Customs

Roman Baths in Nimes

Japan Charity Week Continues

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I know many of you follow on Twitter (@TreyRatcliff), and I do my best to sprinkle in inspirational or interesting stuff every day. if you sign up for our Newsletter (free), then I usually include the month’s best tweets in a list format… I thought I would put a few of them here for you,With Great F-Stop Comes Great Responsibility including this little thing to the right that I tweeted out yesterday. I decided to make a little square poster out of it! 🙂

So, here’s just a little helping of some recent tweets that you would probably like:

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  • With great f-stop comes great responsibility.
  • Holy Electron Photography Batman! Look at these freaky things… I need to salt my skin more. – LINK

Daily Photo – Roman Baths in Nimes

When I arrived in Nimes to visit my friend Fabien, one of the first places we visited were the ancient Roman baths. The ruins here are better preserved than those in Rome!

Actually, I’ve heard that the best Roman ruins are along the northern coast of Libya. It will be a while before I can visit those, I’m afraid. I’ll have to strike Libya off the list for a few years until things cool down. Oh… Egypt too. That’s on the list but it has a little asterisk beside it. When you look at the bottom of the list it reads:
“*currently in the midst of a violent revolution – consider other areas for photography, like, perhaps, Holland.”

High Dynamic Range Photo