See you in here, tonight! – Stuck in Customs

See you in here, tonight!

The Austin PhotoWalk

Get all the PhotoWalk Details on Plancast. See you at the Driskill at 6:30 PM ! 🙂

Join us Live on TWIT

I know most of you don’t live in Austin or are not visiting for SXSW, so you can see part of it live on TWIT. We should be on live there about 7:30 to 7:45PM (CST) or so. Leo is broadcasting from Momo’s, which is down 6th street, and it will be one of the stops along the photowalk. He’s going to pop out of his studio and come into the street to say hello to all of us. It won’t be long, but you’ll get a little hint into the action.

World Record – Single Location PhotoWalk

I really have no idea how many people will show up, but on Saturday at the Diggnation party, I met with a couple of judges and officials that keep track of this sort of thing. We came up with a way to count everyone, and then we’ll submit it all to the official body. So, if you come along, you’ll get on Leo’s live TWIT show and be part of a world-record event – cool!

Submit your PhotoWalk to Flickr

Half of the PhotoWalk is sharing and commenting. So, get your stuff up on our PhotoWalk SXSW Flickr Group! Thank you to Tom Hall for setting up that group!

Daily Photo – Inside the Driskill

Well here it is, the awesome hotel where we are having the event. Many people agree it’s the most beautiful hotel in Austin and is over 100 years old. They’ve always been very kind to me — we had our workshop in there, a book signing, and all other sorts of events. One little thing that most people don’t know — the 4th and 5th floors have beautiful paintings and art hanging on all the walls of the hallway. It’s worth a trip up there just to wander around the halls and see the art!

High Dynamic Range Photo